Growing long, healthy hair doesn't have to take a long time, because our hair is growing everyday. The problem isn't always hair growth but rather hair retention. Using products that reduces hair breakage by keeping your strands moisturise is very important to retaining length. And that is exactly what I offer with my products. Butters and oils which not only nourish and promote growth, but also retain length. With every purchase you will also receive a copy of my FREE hair care plan to help you with healthy 

August 2020 I had a head full of healthy relaxed/ processed hair, that I grew using these same products. Fast forward to  December 2021 and I have a head full of healthy natural hair. I decided to start the natural journey because I was confident in my product. I had no issues cutting off my hair and starting fresh because I knew it would grow. I am loving my healthy journey. I am 1 year natural and my hair is well below my shoulders, thick and healthy. I am excited to see how long my hair will be in the next year. 

Start your journey today with Organica Care.

Hand Crafted Natural Hair Treatments



Shop the range of hair butters. Ghanian Shea Butter and Tropical Mango Butter blended with added vitamin E oils.


Shop the range of 100% natural essential oils. Great for skin, hair and nails.


Shop the range of cocnut oil hair food, with added vitamin e oil, and essential oils.

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