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Daily moisturising.

All Organica hair butters can be used as daily moisturisers. Fuelled by Shea and tropical mango. They are very rich in Omega fatty acids, which is great for dry, brittle hair, and to add a natural shine to hair, whilst feeding hair strands and follicles the nutrients they need.

Apply a small amount to scalp. 

Rub butter well in palm of hands then apply to hair, massaging gently. 

The butters are great for detangling too. Apply, allow to sit for 3 minutes before detangling and styling.

A small amount goes a long way.

These products can be used on all hair types, including processed/ relaxed hair.


For deep conditioning

After shampoo, apply a generous amount of Organic's hair butter to hair, from ends to root. Massage gently. Leave under plastic cap or bag for 15-30 minutes before washing away. You may choose to apply a hair conditioner after.

This technique can be applied to all hair types, including processed/ relaxed hair.

Thick Frames

Organica Hairfoods

Daily use

Organica hairfood are primarily made of coconut oil, rapeseed oil, Jamaica castor oil, and grapefruit oil.

Though the products come in solid form, they melt easily to the touch. Simply apply from hair ends to root.  These products are great for dry scalp, and other scalp related issues, as they are anti-fungal.

Great for all hair types, as our products are 100% natural.

Organica's Hairfoods

Warm oil treatments

Gently  heat the oil in microwave for 30 seconds, or until liquified, apply rice protein, or egg protein, you may rich to add other oils to the blend such as pistachio oil, flax seed oil and or raw tamanu oil, for added benefit.

Massage into damp hair, preferably after shampoo. Leave under plastic cap or bag for 15-30 minutes before rinsing out.

You can also add this mixture to your regular hair conditioner during this routine. 

Natural and gentle enough for all.

Please keep in mind nut allergies.

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